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How Buyubo Works?

Easy and secure 5 Steps to shop and ship from Türkiye to your home. Please check below;

STEP 1 - Get your buyubo address

Sign up with buyubo and receive your free Türkiye address immediately.

STEP 2 - Start online shopping from Türkiye

Shop online from multiple online retailers and take advantage of great deals of top Türkiye brands.

STEP 3 – Use your unique buyubo address

Use your buyubo shipping addresses when you checkout. We will e-mail you when received your packages to our warehouse.

STEP 4 – Ship your packages to home

We send your packages to your home with the carrier method you choose from a variety of our trustworthy partners. Packages will be delivered in 2-4 days worldwide.

STEP 5 – Order tracking & Happy customers

You will track your packages from Türkiye to your home and complete your shopping journey %100 satisfaction.

The Best & Coolestonline shopping stores in Türkiye .

buyubo brings all the biggest online stores & brands into your home. Easiest and cheapest way to shop from Türkiye.

Fastest & Easiest way for online shopping from Türkiye to your home!

You can start your online shopping from the best Turkish e-com stores. We will collect, pack, deliver and follow all your orders with highest technological systems. Just shop !


We collect packages from different online stores and consolidate in one package for you. We save your time and money!


By using buyubo, you will have discounted special cargo prices – from %50 to %85 discount rates in delivery.


We store your packages in a perfect warehouse without any storing cost till 10 days. Never let you to cover unnecessary costs.


When we collect your packages from different stores, then check every boxes carefully and make the best box optimization for you. If you want, we have sending picture service for your packages.


You have tracking numbers to see the status of your orders and follow easily by highest technology mobile application buyubo.


You have chance to return damaged or unwanted items back to stores by using buyubo.

How do you track your packages?

buyubo is the unique mobile application that helps you track your orders from Türkiye . When we deliver your consolidated packages to you, then you can follow your orders in real time

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buyubo the best shopping portal from Türkiye to your home.

All you need is just one buyubo address. Let’s get start shopping from the coolest Turkish e-com stores

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